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Motorhomes are certainly increasing in popularity, so much so there are motorhome parks springing up all across the UK which will benefit many areas concerning employment and economic regeneration.  Motorhome parks attract considerable interest for motorhome owners of all ages especially with fabulous onsite facilities and beautiful scenery.  Of course motorhome parks are great for kids, research has shown that outdoor activities rather than playing computer games or watching TV can help children’s development.  The open spaces and fresh air bring with it that togetherness which many families enjoy making a motorhome a great choice for a relaxing vacation.

Motorhome Shows

If you’re looking to invest your hard earned cash in a motorhome then why not attend a motorhome show, it’s a great place to see the many makes and models for sale and the chance to have a look inside motorhomes to see what you can get for your money.  Purchasing a motorhome from a motorhome show can often come with numerous discounts and special offers, likewise when requesting a motorhome insurance quote from leading online insurance brokers they can also provide special offers such as:-

  • low mileage discounts
  • motorhome club members’ discounts
  • discounts for fitted security devices
  • no claims bonus discounts
  • substantial introductory discounts

Key policy features

Established online brokers are well aware of what motorhome owners require concerning insurance, they offer competitive policies designed by experts.  Expect first class cover at a premium that won’t empty your wallet with key policy features such as personal effects cover, windscreen excess, generator cover, loss recovery cover, breakdown cover for any size, length or weight of vehicle, trailer cover and European motorhome breakdown cover too.  The motorhome lifestyle can be very attractive, however do spend some time looking for the right motorhome insurance quote to protect your prized asset.

Young drivers

Unfortunately many young motorhome drivers don’t have the opportunity to benefit from cheap motorhome Insurance although they can now prove their driving skills by having devices fitted to their motorhomes.  Use of telematics in the vehicle will tell an insurer just how capable and responsible their driving is, this idea is catching on quickly, it’s a simple device that records driving patterns and manoeuvres, speed, braking, acceleration, cornering and even driving during anti-social hours.  This device which can be fitted into a motorhome easily by a mechanic can save young drivers cash when requesting a motorhome insurance quote.

Contact the experts

Recommended online brokers really are the people to trust when it comes to motorhome insurance, they have many years of experience in providing owners with low cost premiums and quality cover.  If you are living in your motorhome, as many people now do, it is definitely worth considering purchasing fully comprehensive motorhome insurance to cover all eventualities, you never know what’s round the corner so contact the experts today about policies and prices to set the wheels in motion.

Make enquiries today about a motorhome insurance quote, there’s no time like the present.


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