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Many motorhome owners are so enthralled with their vehicles that they often put insurance on the back burner, this is not a good idea as you just never know what’s around the corner. Driving on the UK’s extremely busy roads is an ordeal in itself and should you have an accident, it could be a costly affair to repair your motorhome to get it back in working order. For a fantastic motorhome insurance quote give reputable online insurance brokers a telephone call or leave a message via e-mail. An experienced adviser will get back to you to discuss your particular requirements and offer you a policy that covers your motorhome and its contents.

Out on the road

If you enjoy being out on the road with the option of parking anywhere you fancy, then a motorhome is the ideal choice of vehicle for you. Motorhomes give you great freedom and are an extremely relaxing way to take a holiday either in the UK or abroad. It’s essential however to buy the correct motorhome insurance, this will protect everything concerned with your pride and joy. Contents can be insured as an added extra, probably a good thing if you take regular vacations.

Handy hints and tips regarding your motorhome

Some handy tips about motorhomes and how to reduce your insurance are:-

  • Keeping your motorhome in a garage when not in use
  • Locking it in an approved compound
  • Additional protection such as alarms, wheel clamps, tracking devices and immobilisers

If you can spend a little extra cash on your vehicle it’s well worth doing so to protect it from theft, accidental damage or vandalism. Many would-be thieves know owners often keep expensive equipment in their motorhomes when parked and take the opportunity to break in, so avoid this scenario and get your motorhome safeguarded by adding security devices.

Different motorhome insurance packages

It’s obviously up to the individual which type of motorhome insurance package to plump for, with so many to choose from it’s important to read exactly what each one covers. Third party only as the name suggests only covers repairs to a third party’s vehicle while fully comprehensive insurance will protect a third party and your vehicle as well as the contents. You will need specific European cover if you travel outside the UK which pays for alternative accommodation if your motorhome is damaged and you have to take it to a repairer.

Interesting information about motorhomes

There are many interesting facts and stories about motorhomes, so take some time out of your busy schedule and check them out. Obtaining a motorhome insurance quote is the first step owners should take to find out just how affordable it is, then decide on what needs to be covered. You can sometimes take advantage of special offers and discounts so once again make time to study the form.

Ask for a motorhome insurance quote from the experts who are only too willing to help.


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