Compare Motorhome Insurance

Motorhome insurance policies are unique compared to car or bike insurance as the Motor Home is used for your holidays and usually not on the road everyday in the city centre say. This will mean you won’t be classed as having the same risks and movement that car drivers do such as driving into town during early morning rush. When your are on holiday you tend not rush around and thus seen as a safer driver therefore you can get great deals on insurance.

Please do check to see what limit your allowed in mileage in your policy as some will state that you cannot travel over a certain mileage each year, and some others do not restrict your tarvel at all.

When driving around or your away on holiday travelling out and about in your motor home it’s like a second home to you and so will need an insurance policy to cover a bit more than you would for a car. Check to make sure what’s covered like all your personal belongings inside your Motor Home.

If you are living in your motor home, and it’s involved in an accident and your motorhome has to be taken to a repair centre the policy should really offer you accommodation where ever you are. So please check to see what the limit on this is on your current policy as all policies will have one.